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Social networking never ceases to amaze me, how you can find friends all over the world, how you can know them without even meeting them. It was a thrill meeting you and you are just as I expected...giving, thoughtful and a laugh a minute! Thank you for making the conference a wonderful experience

Thank you so much, Anna. It was an absolute delight meeting you and you certainly made the conference brilliant for me.

I would like to make to the conferences but with financial responsibilities as well a healthy young family it’s hard. I have two podcasts on is “Gospel Jazz Podcast” which is blessed beyond measure. The second is the podcast above “The Jazz Suite” which does well and I’m trying to grow them both and create an online community with both but with no luck. I would like to meet other pod caster’s and just have discussions on what we podcast and our personal interests, because when the opportunity arise and my wife and I get to travel it would be wonderful to visit some of these on line friends and fellow podcaster s to share and help with there programs if possible plus just to build friendships and memories for years to come!

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